Managed Care

Managed Care (Managed health care) is the term used to describe a variety of techniques which focus on improving the overall quality of care and reduction in the costs involved in providing healthcare. We, at Medical Management Charter are setting the standards for managed care in the UK. Our professional services help to reduce the cost of claims while providing considerable improvement in patient care. The team at Medical Management Charter includes consultants, doctors and healthare management people who help us to ensure that we are able to take a unique approach to providing our services.

Some of the common services that we offer are related to prescription approval, case management, cleaning, telephone support, bill review and cost effective supplies of healthcare uniforms and protective clothing. As we involve NHS consultants in every service that we provide, our solutions will greatly help to reduce claim costs without having to compromise on patient care. Every service that we provide is individually tailored to the systems, preferences and workflow of our clients. Managed care services such as claims analysis, medical bill review, Medicare Set-Asides, Case Management, Utilisation review, Utilisation management and Doctor on Call are some of the popular services that we at Medical Management Charter have to offer. We provide high quality and effective services to our clients and therefore we have been able to maintain long-term relationships with all of our clients.